Metta Wellness Center Welcomes You.

17 Glen Pond Dr. Red Hook, NY 12571. 845.758.5507

At Metta, we strongly believe in empowering our clients to gain back control over their health and well being through high quality care, thoughtful and clear guidance and health interventions that honor the individual and incorporate the latest research and cutting edge therapies. Our mission is to advocate for the health of each individual who visits our center and to be the remedy for a health system that has lost touch with what it really means to provide health care.

Metta is proud to offer the community a broad range of advanced health and wellness tools. We emphasize Kundalini Yoga in our studio for its effects on the whole being, emphasizing meditation, movement and breath. We also offer Therapeutic Yoga and meditation, workshops and trainings as well as the most advanced Complementary medicine and Chiropractic therapy available.

You are invited to set up a 15 minute free consultation to sit with the doctor one on one and see for yourself how he can address your health concerns or just improve your overall wellbeing. Dr. Hutchins works with clients with chronic illnesses, digestive issues, thyroid disease, Lyme Disease, sports injuries, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, and much much more.