Who We Are

The Sacred Space

The Sacred Space was created by Allison Hutchins in 2007 in a small room in the Old Chocolate Factory, Red Hook, NY where she offered classes and workshops, partnering with fellow teachers to create a unique offering in the Hudson Valley. Its first vision was primarily focused on dynamic practices of Yoga, with an emphasis on Kundalini Yoga and as it grew, included a wellness and healing cooperative. In 2012 after outgrowing the original spaces, The Sacred Space joined Metta Chiropractic & Holistic Health Care in a partnership that grew into its current incarnation as a Center for Conscious Living. The original mission of making authentic teachings available to everyone still remains and has expanded to include opportunities to allow individuals to be exposed to a greater array of information and tools for transformation and mindful living.

We believe that health and vitality are encouraged when the abilities to slow down, restore & remember are enhanced. We believe that it is through the connections we make and the relationships we foster that we encourage our abilities to Thrive.

As we collectively grow and evolve it is important to be able to connect to ourselves in a safe and supportive way. Therefore, we wanted to create a sanctuary where Everyone can have the opportunity to refresh their mind, rejuvenate their body and replenish their spirit.

Help yourself in cultivating a practice that sustains YOU. There is not just one path and we honor the truth of all beings.

We offer Classes, Series, Workshops, Trainings, Lectures and Gatherings. Tools for Transforming Your Life.


The Sacred Space in Red Hook, NY