Private Sessions with Allison at Metta

Soul Therapies

Private Session -

Sacred healing and mentoring sessions are a way to support your continued and deepening growth towards your Self, the part of you that exists beyond all circumstance. We tailor our sessions to your health, personal, relationship and spiritual goals. By allowing the focus to be on the whole picture while fostering your connection to the unchanging aspect of who you are, we can explore and rejuvenate the parts of your being that need extra support.

Some Benefits of our sessions:

Increased energy, vitality and focus
Greater flexibility of mind and body
Deeper connection to your innate wisdom
More empowered decision making
Integration and awareness of life experiences while lessening of addictions and harmful emotional/psychological patterns
Improved communication in interpersonal relationships
Renewed understanding of personal life purpose and clarity on next steps moving forward

Sessions $150
Meeting in person or long distance.


Supportive Sessions-
for revitalization and integration, a perfect accompaniment to your personal process.

Castor Oil Pack

Age old therapeutic healing session recognized for its relaxation and detoxification abilities.

While resting on the amethyst Bio Mat, a therapeutic castor oil pack is applied. A healing atmosphere is created to accompany this 45 minute session.

Castor oil has long been used in traditional medicine, dating back to ancient Egypt, for a number of ailments. It comes from the oil of the castor seed. Castor oil packs are typically recommended because of their ability to promote healing, detoxification, reduce inflammation, improve circulation especially lymphatic circulation. It has also been found to reduce symptoms of constipation. 

This can be added to a private session



Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Session 

Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing, detoxification and prevention. Infrared light has the ability to penetrate human tissue which in turn produces a host of health benefits making infrared saunas a perfect therapy for overall healthier living. Our eucalyptus wood infrared sauna by Sunlighten, uses near, mid and far infrared light for optimal health benefits.

30 minute session $30




Alli teachingUsing Ancient Yogic Technologies, intuitive and soul guidance to shape each session with care and consideration,  Allison motivates the practitioner to experience the depths of their intended journey toward personal center. A master  facilitator with over a decade of teaching Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, mindful movement, to groups and individuals, Allison’s unique experience and teachings weave sacred geometry, energetic awareness and healing abilities to help access and connect the individual to the expanded self

Allison is an Aquarian Yoga Teacher, Nutritional Therapist, Potent Harmonizer, Activator, Soul Guide and Sacred Mentor.  RYT 750 Hr | KRI Level 1+2 | Khalsa Prenatal Instructor | NTP Certifed | Ordained Minister |


 Allison B Hutchins