COMING BACK TO WHOLENESS: The Divine Mother Activation Series| Next Session 4|03|16

Activate your relationship to your Divine Mother to gain insight and deep healing with Annie Bond

Sunday | April 3 | 3pm

We each have our own Divine Mother, our loving source of the all that is about us. By tapping into this sacred part of our nature we find our most authentic self, and can unravel many mysteries about our soul’s mission and gifts. While our mothers gave us physical birth, our divine mothers birth us into elevated consciousness.

When we work with our divine mothers for healing we can reach into the deepest grief and trauma and transmute them to light. With more light the more wellbeing, a feeling of deeper connection, synchronicities, authentication, openings and flow towards our higher purpose. The results can be profound.

During this RECONNECTIVE Series Annie lovingly guides and teaches you how to activate your relationship to your Divine Mother to gain insight and deep healing. Guest healers will be part of the series, helping us explore the divine feminine, the releasing of trauma and pain, our connection to the heart of the planet, and the cosmic Divine Mother via her many names.


First Sunday of each Month 3-5 pm

$20 a workshop
The Divine Mother Book of 4 workshops: $60.

This session is part of an ongoing series of offerings for Women to connect, share and create. Bring your buckets to the well.