Dr. Hutchins received his D.C. from Palmer Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. His decision to become a Chiropractor was largely influenced by his time and experiences at Cornell University where he received his B.S. from the Agricultural School , as well as his time in Tanzania, Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Paul recognized the need for a holistic approach to wellness after being treated for injuries and maladies overseas. It was through the techniques of Chiropractic and the expanded awareness of Complimentary Medicine that he made the greatest leaps toward total physical, emotional and mental healing and recovery.

Travel is a passion and a means to get a broader sense of the world and it’s people. Having traveled and worked all over the world including Africa, Peru and Switzerland, Dr. Hutchins has seen how important it is to embrace a larger perspective toward health.

What most people are not aware of, but are understanding more and more in these times, is that Chiropractic offers just that, a larger perspective toward health and healing.

Through its many components, his brand of Chiropractic allows each client the opportunity to unfold and become aware of his or her own healing potential. There becomes a relationship in which the patient partners with the Doctor to receive the best possible care.

As a Chiropractor specializing in balancing the body holistically, Dr. Hutchins communicates directly with the body’s own innate intelligence which guides him to give the needed corrections. His way of honoring the body and recognizing its needs allows not only for adjustments to hold but also opens the door for deep shifts on all levels for the client. This way of working is what makes Paul’s work unique and effective.

Dr. Hutchins is committed to the highest levels of professionalism, education, care, and support.

Dr. Hutchins lives in Red Hook, NY with his wife and three children. He enjoys everything outdoors, being active, serving others and living sustainably. Paul is also a certified Yoga Instructor and co directs The Sacred Space at Metta, which offers yoga, meditation and movement classes with his wife Allison.