Feminine Principal Foundation Series: The Crystal Woman with Nidhi Huba 3|18 |16


This session is part of an ongoing series of offerings for Women to connect, share and create. Bring your buckets to the well.

Friday Night | MARCH 18 | 6:15pm

Crystal Woman Tribe | The Groovy Goddess

Yoga | Sound |  Crystal Healing | Deep Soul Guidance | Dance with the Divine.

Bring your crystals, intent and images of what you want to attain and heal.  We women will create a intention, vibration and frequency together for healing and creativity.  Awaken the joyous spirit.


There will be a sample sale after the session of healing products and tools


Suggested donation $18

Do what you can.


This Session is part of an ongoing foundation series we are offering for Women to gather, share and create together at Metta’s Sacred Space.

Honoring the divine feminine, the sacred feminine principal and the Women living in the present, facing the challenges of being human while tapping into the most sacred and creative aspects of herself.



Join Nidhi Huba, long time personal student of Yogi Bhajan, for this special therapy class. Heal and balance your mind , body and spirit.