Special Benefit Class with Siri Sat : HEALING THE ARC LINE with the WATER ELEMENT

Live Kirtan With Wahe Guru Family

Friday Night | MARCH 4 | 6:30pm

Healing the Arc Line with the Water Element

A band of phosphorescent energy a few millimeters wide runs from ear to ear. It’s glow and radiance determines your power to manifest and draw to you your hearts desire.

Did you know the arcline is sound sensitive and is activated by the sacred algorithms of the Shabd Guru?

Come and learn the mechanics of the Disc of Light and chant a sacred shabd to heal the arc line and wash away all of your cares.




Donation class- The proceeds of this class will go to the Baba Fateh Singh Khalsa Jatha (Siri Sat’s beloved Kirtan family in India.)

Suggested donation $21