Tejpal Kaur

 Yoga of SOUND for Connection & Awareness

Come and fall into a peaceful and harmonious state of BEING. Immerse yourself in the vibration of sound


First Wednesday of the Month  |6:30 pm| $20 exchange




Join Josie on Wednesday evenings for an inspiring and sacred experience.  Let the sounds of the bells, chimes, bowls, gong and sacred objects fill your inner and outer space.   REORIENT yourself to live in ALIGNMENT with your highest potential.  Wear comfortable clothing, expect to relax and let go.

Josie Tejpal Kaur is Passionate about sharing.  Her passion led her to become a teacher and share the tools of Kundalini Yoga which have enriched her life. “I practice Reflexology and Sound healing to bring balance and relaxation to people’s lives.  I love to cook, dance, garden, use photography to show the beauty of the world and to help care for others.  My passion for Kundalini Yoga has brought me to an incredible place in my life and I am honored to be able to share this practice with everyone.”

josiehead shot