Meditation Circle- Guided Meditation

New Paradigm Astrology

 held by Beth Laub
Certified Life Coach & Reiki Master Teacher

Friday Evenings 6:00-7:00pm


Life is a journey with bumps, twists and turns that ultimatley brings us to a place of safety, comfort and most of all love of self and love of life.
This weekly guided meditaion will help us gain clarity and get grounded.

Meditation is a powerful tool not just for cultivating love, but for creating clarity to see your life more clearly. This can lead to a deeper understanding of the barriers standing between you and total self acceptance.
YOU are enough.

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Join Beth Laub, teacher, healer, reiki master and certified life coach as we embark on a guided meditation journey to connect with oursleves, those around us and mother earth. In these turbulant times, mediatation is an incredible tool that we can bring into our lives to find hope,love and balance in all we do.

“I will be there to support you every step of the way, reassuring you that it’s OK to do so – even when it feels scary. This is a place where you can show up messy, welcome all your parts to the table, and cultivate a tender and loving relationship with yourself.

As a school administrator I was trained in the restorative method of how circles allow the members of the group to feel safe and each member is given an opportunity to share if they choose. I am honored to offer this, along with life coaching and reiki healing for any human who is looking for their tribe in a safe comfortable space. I also see private clients who are going through life transitions or resetting life goals.”