Sacred Season of Light| TUESDAY DECEMBER 19| 6:30-8pm


Sat Nam Dear Friends and a Namaste to you.

Winter Season of Sacred Light is upon us and we invite you to come celebrate and reflect on its themes on Tuesday, December 19 6:30pm.

As yogi’s it is hard to ignore the powerful effects this special time has on each and every person on the planet.
  And to honor this occasion, I would like to offer a special evening of healing to allow for the integration of these unique energies.

We will hold a special Ra Ma Da Sa healing circle (info on website) along with a special fruit meditation honoring the creative nurturing of new thoughts, ideas and manifestations that are germinating now, and extra long gong session.

There will be a warm up, so some movement will occur. (Dress as usual). Regular class cost applies.

We are entering an era where our own Blessings and Self-Love will bring us the most Power and Happiness.
Your Heart’s Blessings can brings you purity, elevation, and effective transformation.

Join us on this special evening as we develop the mindfulness to bless, to uplift, and to heal the world at a time when we are most needed to stay awake and present.

Be well,