Sara Pitcher

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

for Stress Relief & Vitality


Kundalini Yoga is a system of self-cultivation and self-discipline that allows us to access our infinite self. Rather than a belief system, Kundalini Yoga is a technology of self awareness practice, if practiced correctly. Yoga provides us with insight into obstacles that obscure our conscious awareness. It is not a religion, but provides a very firm foundation on all level of being so that an individual may excel in any area of life. It is a gift to all people to experience the expansiveness of body and spirit, for we are spiritual beings born to have a human experience.

- Enjoy Self-Acceptance, Creativity, Commitment, Compassion, Truth, Intuition Boundlessness, and Radiance.
– Find out about traditional goals of yoga practice, including the restoration of balance and finding serenity within.
– Learn breath work to build trust, vitality, and intuition.
– Experience meditations for rejuvenation, stress relief, breaking habits, and healing depression.
– Exercise to release fear, build strength and determination, and an open heart.

Designed as a 12 week continual series, but you can drop into individual sessions.

Saturday Mornings  May 6- June 10

8:45am -10:00am

$150 for entire series ($12.50 per class)

$15 drop in ( student and veteran discounts $10 per session)

Sacred Space Universal Card available

Image 4-21-17 at 10.51 AMSara is currently earning her master’s in Mental Health Counseling at Pace University. Her goal is to integrate her knowledge of her studies and her wisdom of Kundalini Yoga. Through her personal experiences and through education Sara has been able to understand the somatic and mental consequences of the burdens that stress can create. She welcomes all people to practice in order to shed this stress, gain clarity, and self-love.