Secrets of Kundalini with Siri Sat

Upcoming Events at Sacred Space Red Hook, NY

Monday, August 10th

6-9 pm

Kundalini Yoga expands your sensitivity, perception and your intuition from ordinary to extraordinary levels. This class focuses on your esoteric development. Yogi Bhajan shared these special teachings that were once kept secret in order for the practitioner to know the unknown, to trust the workings of the divine and to be a healing presence on the planet. Come and enhance your spiritual projection through Kundalini yoga and meditation.

“You are getting the entire universe in you—all powers—nine special powers, eighteen occult powers, total knowledge, total power, total prosperity, all the three universes, freedom from death, power to uplift and serve, victory over cause and effect, Infinite to the Infinity of God. All transparent and nontransparent powers shall serve thee.” – Yogi Bhajan