Seminar with Health and Fitness Expert David Ames FRIDAY | JUNE 23 | 5:30- 7PM

Metta Clinic Red Hook NY


The warnings are everywhere.  Sitting is not healthy.  Get active.  Move it or lose it.

We all know that we need to be more active, but with our busy lifestyles how do we best accomplish this?  And how do we undo the damage we have done to our bodies from our sedentary habits?

In this seminar David Ames will discuss the physiological effects of inactivity and how to reverse them.

meDavid will be teaching fitness classes twice weekly this summer and fall.  Movement, Stretching, Yoga.

In the proceeding classes he will work with the participants using a wide variety of modalities to put them on the right track to accomplish this reversal.


$10 that can be applied to future classes.