Who We Are

“Evolution did not stop when we grew thumbs”

In our search for greater balance and through our personal evolutions we have discovered that the path toward health and vitality has many twists and turns. What we recognize as vital to its process is the ability to connect to the root of our longings and to find a way to live our truths in safety and in authenticity. This search brings each of us face to face with the dogmas of the collective mental, emotional, spiritual and religious projections and constructs that we have held on to. The time is upon us to step into our personal power, in order to create a Self Sustaining and Thriving Planet, Community and Personal Individuality. It is our mission to create an environment where the individual can thrive while questioning, learning and evolving through and towards their collective creative and balanced selves.

We envision a center that is open to all beings, no matter what path they travel, offering powerful tools, practices, health care, information and inspiration in order to grow, heal and be supported in this New Age.

Metta is the Pali word for Loving Kindness. It is a living concept as well as a life practice.

Metta Wellness was created by Dr. Paul Hutchins in 2007 and redefined in 2012 by partnering with his wife Allison Hutchins and
The Sacred Space Yoga Sanctuary in a union that created a Community and sparked an Awakening.

We support like-minded individuals in their quest to offer gifts and expertise for the greater good and in the context of creating
a greater constellation of positive change in our surrounding area and a positive impact in the world.

In 2015 we became METTA, A Center for Conscious Living in Red Hook, NY.

May Blessings of Peace and Vitality be with you.

Metta Center for Conscious Living - Red Hook, NY