Women : Come, gather together and let your SOUL remember.

Through the lens of the visionary work of Tami Lyn Kent, MSPT, we gather together calling all women, sisters, mothers, daughters to experience the art of being, feeling and experiencing of Divine Feminine.

This afternoon will be an experiential and sharing opportunity to learn more about the Divine Feminine work that will be explored over the next 7-10 months at Metta’s Sacred Space.  Alli Hutchins and Jan Burgevin will be holding the space for the group to as questions, experience meditations and ritual to honor the transformations that we are all encountering individually and collectively.

We will be creating a group for  women, of women, that will share a journey, moving through the work of Tami Kent’s Wild Feminine.  www.wildfeminine.com.  If you are interested in learning more about the ongoing group gatherings, we invite you to come.  If you just want to come be a part of a sacred circle of women on Sunday, please come too!  We will be planning the afternoon as a special time to connect with each other.

Tea and goodies will be served.

10-20$ donation would be appreciated.

Allison Hutchins, Director of Sacred Space. Mother, sister,daughter, wife.

Jan Burgevin  R.N. Holistic Women’s Pelvic Care.  Mother , daughter, sister, wife.